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Inspirations: Matthew Everingham – Automotive Photographer

Inspirational Photographer: Matthew Everingham
Location: Sydney, Australia
Genre: Automotive

(Photograph by Matthew Everingham for Street Machine  Magazine)

Matthew Everingham is an up-and-coming photographer in Sydney, who has personally mentored me over the years with important photography tips and tricks. It has been invaluable information to receive and is fantastic to see his suggested skills be implemented in his photographs.

Outside of his day job, Everingham spends his time running his business and passion of automotive photography, whether its a private shoot, social event, or motorsport event he will usually be there in his Mitsubishi Evo shooting as many cars as he can see.

(Matthew’s self portrait of his Mitsubishi Evolution)

He has recently reached some important goals for his success from being published in Street Machine and 9TRO (automotive magazine in Malaysia and Singapore). He states about the Australian auto-culture:

“It’s a great compliment not just to my work but to the whole Australian Automotive Scene! Sure a lot of our recipes for success are based on imported platforms like Nissans, Toyotas and even Mercs and BMW’s but one thing that’s noticeable across the scene when you step back and compare internationally is that Australians have a unique style and our own brand of ingenuity that gets applied to Aussie modded vehicles.”

It is a great achievement to being published internationally and is something I personally dream of achieving one day myself. To know that your work is appealing to an audience around the world is something that must give a sense of satisfaction.

Everingham uses a range of lighting techniques for his automotive photographs. These include studio lights, reflectors and also light-painting (my favourite). His images can incorporate a wide-variety of these lighting techniques in one shot which is followed by some Photoshop manipulation to create some stunning photographs.

I have personally gained some big tips from Everingham about my own work and in-particular helping me learn much better light-painting skills, which took from to a completely different level or lighting skill-something I am very thankful for.

(Photo Matthew Everingham took for 9TRO magazine of a R34 Skyline)

Everingham has extensive experience with shooting motorsport events, something I have never done personally (but hope to) his work captures some amazing images that surprise me how good they are. His images are astounding, especially considering these are event photographs, yet somehow the lighting and quality of these images seem near-studio quality. Personally, Everingham has set the bar for motorsport photography.

(Motorsport Photo by Matthew Everingham)

Matthew Everingham is an amazing photographer and growing bigger by the day. Social media is spreading his work around the world at an incredibly fast rate gaining him ever-growing renown. His work to me is very inspiring and and it much appreciated the tips and advice he has given me over the years.

Matthew Everingham’s website:

Matthew Everingham’s Facebook page:

The Film Experiment: ‘The War You Don’t See’

The War You Dont See

So I have finally found some time to update the website with some new content.  And I have decided to post up some

experiences I have had using various film cameras over the last year or so.

Today’s series involved taking a Mamiya 7- Medium Format film camera and walking around the Victorian suburb of Footscray.

After walking for a few hours,  I discovered what I was going to show in my series of photos. And my first photo – showing the remnants of a poster for John Pilger’s documentary: ‘The War You Don’t See’  – gave me my title and goal.

As with all series’ I wont explain into detail, except this: The series explores the corners of Footscray and discovers what is hidden just off from the footpaths or major roads in the suburb, by looking a bit deeper reveals a darker history to the suburb.


2011 Australia Melbourne International Motor Show

2011’s Melbourne International Motor Show was a big hit this year and now after getting permission from my client I am now able to put up a selection of the best photos I took at the Motor Show.

The show was a big improvement as the emphasis on ‘Green’ vehicles seemed to take a step backwards and simply show off today’s cars and what is coming in the future…

2011 ET Street’s Modified Car Show at Caribbean Market Melbourne

While Sunday’s weather may not have been the most ideal for a car show, ET Street’s car show at the Caribbean Market in Victoria drew large crowds for its events size, bringing not only the avid car lover but many of the casual market shoppers in the area as well. Because of this it was interesting to see a very diverse range of people viewing the cars, which is something not often seen in an organized car event.

The event saw a range of vehicles primarily Holden Commodores and Nissan Skyline’s but scattered around the area were a few other cars such as some Ford Falcon’s, Audi’s, Mercedes and even a Holden Barina.


Trip to 2011’s Avalon Air Show in Melbourne – Photographs

I made a trip with a few friends to visit the Avalon Air Show 2011, in Melbourne on Friday 4th of March. Sadly, upon waking up we all saw the dreaded grey clouds covering the entire sky. The forecast was terrible: rain, black clouds, general unpleasantness but we all manned up and soldiered on and drove the long drive to Western Melbourne to the Air Show…

Upon reflection, coming on the worst day of the week (weather wise) was a fantastic idea, as there was essentially no effort to get to the front of the run way to get a great view of the live air action. When we looked at other peoples photo’s from that weekend we were shocked to see how much more busy it was. If you’re going for the spectacle of the live air show and acrobatics then definitely go on the potentially wettest day of the week. Perhaps if you would have preferred spending your day browsing through the show tents and displays among the large show grounds, it might be more ideal for one of the nicer days. Either way, just remember to bring a jacket because it got so cold.


Journey to the Flooded Lands

As many of you are aware, there was immense flooding all over Victoria a few weeks ago shortly after the tragic Queensland floods.

The heavy rain in Victoria sadly caused half my house to get a very damp floor, so I was unable to launch out from my house with camera in hand. So sadly I missed out on photographing some potentially great scenes in the local area… (more…)