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2011 Australia Melbourne International Motor Show

2011’s Melbourne International Motor Show was a big hit this year and now after getting permission from my client I am now able to put up a selection of the best photos I took at the Motor Show.

The show was a big improvement as the emphasis on ‘Green’ vehicles seemed to take a step backwards and simply show off today’s cars and what is coming in the future…

The green cars were still there however, but instead of the tiny crash boxes that were everywhere in previous years this year had a large majority of huge electric super car’s instead, which drew huge crowds to come and look. BMW’s electric concept stole the show in terms of a futuristic vision, showcasing the most complicated styled vehicle you will see in a long time.

In the pure petrol department, besides the classic cars scattered around the exhibition the Lamborghini Aventador stole the show. It was aggressive, huge, stylish and simply looked amazing.

Holden revealed the upcoming new model of their 4×4 Ute, the Colorado which I think is going to be a huge seller when this model is available for purchase. Compared to the new Ford Ranger (also shown) the Colorado looks 10x better.  Holden also showed off their Holden Cruze wagon, which I believe most people will purchase simply because the headlights look so damn cool.

There were a few disappointing absences from the show such as Ferrari, Pagani, BMW (besides the Electric car) It would have been great to see Ferrari and Lamborghini duke it out once again at the show.

Overall the show was very good and entertaining, it would have been nice to see a few other super car brands and perhaps some more exciting reveals from companies such as Holden who announced the new Barina, yep… where is the Monaro concept or something to get the millions of Holden fans drooling?

Anyway, thanks for reading and please check out the photos below!

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