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2011 ET Street’s Modified Car Show at Caribbean Market Melbourne

While Sunday’s weather may not have been the most ideal for a car show, ET Street’s car show at the Caribbean Market in Victoria drew large crowds for its events size, bringing not only the avid car lover but many of the casual market shoppers in the area as well. Because of this it was interesting to see a very diverse range of people viewing the cars, which is something not often seen in an organized car event.

The event saw a range of vehicles primarily Holden Commodores and Nissan Skyline’s but scattered around the area were a few other cars such as some Ford Falcon’s, Audi’s, Mercedes and even a Holden Barina.

There was a range of modifications on the vehicles ranged from pure performance engines, show cars, and good all rounders. There was something for everyone here.

I personally left when sadly the rain started to pour in the late morning. But shortly after leaving I saw the sun again so I would hope the afternoon was just as successful.

Good work to ET Street for a successful show!

In spirit of efficiency all these images have been unedited. If anyone would like a particular image edited for them contact me.

Have a look at the gallery of photos from the day:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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