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Meguiar’s MotorEx 2014 Melbourne Coverage

For the first time in its history, Meguiar’s MotorEx made its debut at Melbourne Showgrounds for 2014.

Over the weekend of the 19th and 20th of July, MotorEx drew a record-smashing crowd of over 28,000 Melbournites who were keen to see one of Australia’s biggest automotive events much closer to home.

Fine VY HSV MotorEx Unveil Cad Photography

Spread over 3 Pavilions and an outdoor display; MotorEx provided enough content for visitors to explore over the entire weekend.

Spread among the show was a complex variety of vehicles on display, some cars on display included: burnout, pro-comp, street, exotic and custom build cars.

And boy, was it a good show!

I would like to personally thank Motoractive and Meguiar’s for using Cad Photography as their official photographer for the weekend. It was tight meeting their hourly deadlines but we made it.

I was definitely glad to come home late Sunday night to crash on the couch and watch Fast and Furious (I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that did).

Excluding the photos below, the rest you will find over at the MotorEx websites or Facebook page.


Strugglin Wagon and the other burnout cars on display drew a huge crowd.

Strugglin VE HSV Wagon Motorex 2014 cad photography


MPW‘s NOSHOW reveal — a highlight of the show was the unveiling of the Freestyle Rides that drew a overwhelming crowd.



All the way from Queensland, In Envy was a very strong contender.

In Envy 2014 Meguires MotorEx Cad Photography


FATRX3 Mazda RX3 amazed the crowd as the lovely freestyle rides models pulled the covers.

FATRX3 Unveil Meguires MotorEx 2014 Cad Photography


This BEAST was fitted with a Jaguar V12 Engine! Hows that for different!?
Hot Rod Jaguar V12 RetroFit MotorEx


Traders had a huge presence at MotorEx, particularly over in the Performance Garage pavilion where traders showcased some astonishing cars and products.

Liqui-Moly Ferrari dazzled the crowd as the team gave the accelerator a few taps.

Liqui-Moly Ferrari Meguires MotorEx 2014 Cad Photography


Christopher Groves’ REDVE8 VE Coupe 60 Replica that was representing BBOSS Australia, an amazing car which I have shot before. Congratulations mate.

REDVE8 Coupe 60 Replica BBOSS Cad Photography


Of course a mention must be made to Holden who had their jaw-dropping concept vehicles on display including the Holden Efijy and the Couple 60. The attention to detail and level of workmanship on these cars is astounding. As a staff-photographer I was able to get right up and close to the cars. Simply amazing.

Holden Efijy Meguires MotorEx 2014 Cad Photography

Holden Coupe 60 Concept Cad Photography MotorEx


The Dyno was going off all day, in particular this Ford Falcon YIA10W finished its run with the turbo smoking.



And how could we forget the lovely models and showgirls that were around supporting the whole event! Thanks ladies.

Models Showgirls MotorEx 2014 Cad Photography

Models Showgirls MotorEx 2014 Cad Photography

Liqui-Moly Models Showgirls MotorEx 2014 Cad Photography


Please view the gallery below for more photos from Meguiar’s MotorEx 2014.
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The Film Experiment: ‘The War You Don’t See’

The War You Dont See

So I have finally found some time to update the website with some new content.  And I have decided to post up some

experiences I have had using various film cameras over the last year or so.

Today’s series involved taking a Mamiya 7- Medium Format film camera and walking around the Victorian suburb of Footscray.

After walking for a few hours,  I discovered what I was going to show in my series of photos. And my first photo – showing the remnants of a poster for John Pilger’s documentary: ‘The War You Don’t See’  – gave me my title and goal.

As with all series’ I wont explain into detail, except this: The series explores the corners of Footscray and discovers what is hidden just off from the footpaths or major roads in the suburb, by looking a bit deeper reveals a darker history to the suburb.


2011 Australia Melbourne International Motor Show

2011’s Melbourne International Motor Show was a big hit this year and now after getting permission from my client I am now able to put up a selection of the best photos I took at the Motor Show.

The show was a big improvement as the emphasis on ‘Green’ vehicles seemed to take a step backwards and simply show off today’s cars and what is coming in the future…

2011 ET Street’s Modified Car Show at Caribbean Market Melbourne

While Sunday’s weather may not have been the most ideal for a car show, ET Street’s car show at the Caribbean Market in Victoria drew large crowds for its events size, bringing not only the avid car lover but many of the casual market shoppers in the area as well. Because of this it was interesting to see a very diverse range of people viewing the cars, which is something not often seen in an organized car event.

The event saw a range of vehicles primarily Holden Commodores and Nissan Skyline’s but scattered around the area were a few other cars such as some Ford Falcon’s, Audi’s, Mercedes and even a Holden Barina.


Trip to 2011’s Avalon Air Show in Melbourne – Photographs

I made a trip with a few friends to visit the Avalon Air Show 2011, in Melbourne on Friday 4th of March. Sadly, upon waking up we all saw the dreaded grey clouds covering the entire sky. The forecast was terrible: rain, black clouds, general unpleasantness but we all manned up and soldiered on and drove the long drive to Western Melbourne to the Air Show…

Upon reflection, coming on the worst day of the week (weather wise) was a fantastic idea, as there was essentially no effort to get to the front of the run way to get a great view of the live air action. When we looked at other peoples photo’s from that weekend we were shocked to see how much more busy it was. If you’re going for the spectacle of the live air show and acrobatics then definitely go on the potentially wettest day of the week. Perhaps if you would have preferred spending your day browsing through the show tents and displays among the large show grounds, it might be more ideal for one of the nicer days. Either way, just remember to bring a jacket because it got so cold.


Journey to the Flooded Lands

As many of you are aware, there was immense flooding all over Victoria a few weeks ago shortly after the tragic Queensland floods.

The heavy rain in Victoria sadly caused half my house to get a very damp floor, so I was unable to launch out from my house with camera in hand. So sadly I missed out on photographing some potentially great scenes in the local area… (more…)