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Journey to the Flooded Lands

As many of you are aware, there was immense flooding all over Victoria a few weeks ago shortly after the tragic Queensland floods.

The heavy rain in Victoria sadly caused half my house to get a very damp floor, so I was unable to launch out from my house with camera in hand. So sadly I missed out on photographing some potentially great scenes in the local area…

Regardless of this, I went out a few days later to find anything that looked peculiar. Lilydale Lake was one that was strangely affected. Apparently the entire Lake overflowed and joined up with all the little dams and lakes surrounding it. What this did was it gave the pier (and everything around it lake) a healthy layer of mud, which by the time I had gotten there had become a nice healthy dry layer on the surface. Making it a great excuse to test out the sharpness of my new 70-300mm L series lens. Which is one damn good lens I must say!


What came from it was something I personally thought was very special:

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