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The Film Experiment: ‘The War You Don’t See’

The War You Dont See

So I have finally found some time to update the website with some new content.  And I have decided to post up some

experiences I have had using various film cameras over the last year or so.

Today’s series involved taking a Mamiya 7- Medium Format film camera and walking around the Victorian suburb of Footscray.

After walking for a few hours,  I discovered what I was going to show in my series of photos. And my first photo – showing the remnants of a poster for John Pilger’s documentary: ‘The War You Don’t See’  – gave me my title and goal.

As with all series’ I wont explain into detail, except this: The series explores the corners of Footscray and discovers what is hidden just off from the footpaths or major roads in the suburb, by looking a bit deeper reveals a darker history to the suburb.

These photos were all taken with medium format 400 ISO film, and developed, edited and printed in a dark room by myself.  The photo’s shown have been scanned in for digital use (some quality has been lost in the process)

Thank you for reading.

The War You Don’t See – By Ben Cadwallader.

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Some of these images will be on sale for prints etc on Redbubble as well.

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